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Vgs just released their 5th album, "Exitos Al Cabron," on Grita Records. It's a compliation of all their Spanish songs, like "EL COO COOi" and "Yo No Tengo Tiemo Para Ti." I haven't got it yet, but I'm sure its just as kick ass as the others.

bang! bang!

Here's a short overview of VGS's history taken from the Epitaph CD extra on Punk-o-Rama IV:
In 1988, brothers Frank, Eddie and Jorge Casillas started jammin out tunes along with thier neighborhood pal, Jerry O'neill. There were no venues or places to play in Riverside, CA,(which is where the band still resides) so they converted a tiny bedroom at the Casillas household into a rehersal studio. Not really knowing or caring which direction they were headed in musically, the quartet kept practicing almost every day for two years. Then the neighbors called the cops!

After finding a new place to practice, the guys kept experimenting with thier favorite types of musical tastes (Ska, Punk, Funk, and Metal). In 1990 the band started gigging around town playing several backyard parties and released thier own first 7" vinyl record entitled "The Old of Tomarrow." They quickly became the local favorite party band, playing in front of large crowds. The newly opened Spanky's Cafe was the first to offer live music in Riverside since 1981-82. The Voodoo Glow Skulls soon got thier chance to play at Spanky's and quickly became a household name, playing with just about every band that came through town, like Angry Samoans, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, DI, The Dickies adn many other well know punk rock bands. One night, while playing at Spanky's Cafe, the guys decided to make an announcement that they were seeking a horn section. Joe Hernandez (sax) and Joe McNally (trumpet) were fans of the band and were at the show taht night. They both responded and soon became the horn section for the Voodoo Glow Skulls. After several months of rigorus practicing and fitting in the new brass sound, the Glow Skulls were almost complete! Soon after, the band started the book its first own national tour with help from the DIY Punk Scene. After the first tour came several others. In 1992 VGS opened their own independent music store in Riverside. They put all their contacts and reputation to good use and sucessfully ran Cheap Guy Records for five years. Right around the same time that they opened the store, they got a deal with Dr. Strange Records. Their first CD, Who is, This is, was released and it was an instant sucess for both the band and Dr. Strange. It's still the #1 selling Dr. Strange release to this date, having sold more than 200000 copies worldwide.

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