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Don't we all just LOVE cute surfer boys? Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian and Fred Patacchia Jr. are just a few of MY faves. Hopefully, I'll be able to round up alot more pics than I have up now, but that of course, involves scanning and uploading all of them, so I'm sure the going is going to be nice and slow.

Kelly Slater-- Kelly only looks good in professional shots (like the one on this page), but I'll put up pro and regular ones, so you can see both sides of him.
He's a Versace model
Good face shot

Kalani Robb-- Yeay! My absolute favorite surfer! It's gonna take me a while to get all my pics of him up, so just sit tight till I do. Soon, though...I promise.
Face shot
Surfing shot

Fred Patacchia-- He's like THE best 17 year-old surfer around! Fred is slowly becoming my favorite surfer. Surfer Magazine is predicting a world title win for him, and I'm sure he will win eventually.
At the anual Surfer Magazine ball
This is just a cool pic. I have to resize it, though.
minus the hair