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hey. my name is robyn...but i bet you knew that, right? what would someone reading this want to know about me? well, uh...i'm 15, a frosh at la salle high school and i enjoy being extreamly lazy. i play bass and listen to mostly punk, but also jazz (bop), ska and other alternative stuff. it's too bad i have no one to play with... i also play softball. i play third mostly, except when nicole screws her stupid back up and i have to pitch. it's ok pitching, though, cuz i don't really care what position i play as long as it's good for the team. i wouldn't want nicole to pitch when she was injured, either. about the only other thing i do is go to art class...although that's ending soon. i love art class, even when the models are kind of on the repulsive side (think almost 300 lbs). it's fun because everyone who goes there is neat-o. not like at school where almost everyone except my friends are very unlikeable. but maybe i just judge people to harshly. although i don't go bowling often, my favorite shirt is a blue columbia bowl 300 club shirt. i also enjoy typing in lower case letters, although I ALSO LIKE CAPITALS. CAPITALS JUST START TO HURT MY EYES IF I READ TOO MANY OF THEM. anyway, that's about it about me.