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So, you've finally come to the realization that my page is awful. Well, check out one of these sites, I think they're pretty cool...
SNRF It's only THE coolest fanclub in the world! Quick! Join!
UC-Santa Cruz Camp was fun...go see for yourself. Yep, that's right...a page for dorks like you and me.
Voodoo Glow Skulls the Offical Page
Interpunk a cool store
KROQ The best LA station...although I'm getting kinda sick of it...
Epitaph My fave record label
Cartoon Network You know you like cartoons...
Nina's Page My only friend with a webpage
World Wide Punk anything you would ever need that is punk
Albino bass tabs just incase you ever need some bass tab What's in YOUR name?
Mad Cows How to spot 'em quick
Hollywood Stock Exchange It's kinda fun owning Beck
Rancid Everyone knows Rancid, even the truely softcore
Surfing Magazine Tons of pic and articals and cool things like that Indescribable, just visit.
Punk Hefe A pretty cool punk site